Faith in the Face of Injustice

I read this devotional a couple of days ago and wanted to share it. With so many opportunities to get angry in this crazy world, especially with the injustices we sometimes see, I thought it was a good reminder that prayer should be our first defense. It is from the Oct/Nov 2021 issue of 60 days of Prayer by Guidepost.

Genesis 50:20 NIV, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

How do you respond when faced with injustice? Turn to God and pray. Turn away from vengeance and instead look to Him to help you see the situation as an opportunity for growth and transformation. Instead of blowing up in anger, calmly ask God for strength to be your best in this challenging situation.

Lord, I trust that my future is in Your loving care.

Photo by: Tara Winstead of the USA 🇺🇸

Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

28 thoughts on “Faith in the Face of Injustice”

  1. A good reminder to not let our feeling it emotions rule but then to God in prayer and respond in a manner that helps us grow in Him and also reflect Him.
    Thank you Dawn 🌺💙

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      1. Thanks for thinking of her too. She is enjoying her new city in Spain (Vigo). And is preparing to take a trip to Sweden during Christmas to visit a friend from college.

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    1. Yes! And I have been learning to carry my disappointments to God first. It’s a challenge at times to talk to Him before calling or texting someone else but it pays off. He brings peace and perspective. ❤️

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  2. Amen! Our Heavenly Father calls us to prayer as our first response. So many times in life, we feel upset, overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and filled with many other emotions. Spending reverent time with Him brings us peace and an improved focus.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this sister. You have encouraged me today.

    I also want to add to your wisdom, Christians shouldn’t shy away from setting records straight when treated unjustly, above all things guard your heart. When it is possible to explain yourself please do. It helps you deal with the enemy early but if you keep quiet and suffer in silence you allow anger and bitterness to grow their roots too deep in your heart that prayer becomes noise before God. Remember to explain yourself kindly when treated unjustly and walk away when there is no opportunity to explain yourself. There is no wound that God cannot heal and restore.

    I hope this helps someone.

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  4. Amen! That is the best way to respond because God says “vengeance is mine.” He is a God of justice. Praise 👏 the Lord. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing and I hope your day and the weekend will be blessed 🙌.

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