Florida Memories: Keep Praying For Our College Students

This month marks one year ago that my daughter graduated from college (May 1, 2019). I always loved my visits to the college campus, which was located right in the heart of Miami. Seeing the young adults around the campus as I drove to my daughter’s dorm, was a joyful experience for me. I felt excited for them. There was something about the atmosphere on the campus that seemed so fresh and promising.

Campus Main Entrance

During my daughter’s four years at the university, she was a resident in almost every dorm on campus. Moving her in and out of dorms became a part of our normal routine. Her favorite dwelling were the campus studio apartments that she stayed in during her final semester of her senior year. It was her first time being in her own personal space, without roommates or suite mates.

Campus Studio Apartments

I learned from watching and listening to her that dorm life is certainly not without challenges. However I’m thankful she was able to endure the ups and downs. She did amazing! I told her Panther Hall (the freshman dorm) would always be my favorite one because that is where her journey began. During her junior year (if I remember correctly), she lived in Everglades Hall. Everglades Hall always gave me a sense of sadness. The year before she moved in there, a young man was found in his room, he passed away from a drug overdose. He was a junior with one more year to go. My heart went out to his parents who lived out of state in North Carolina. Can you imagine getting that call?

Everglades Hall

I will always have fond memories of my college mom days. Especially our time together on the weekends, when she was able to come home for visits. Or those beautiful sunny Saturday afternoons I’d make my way to Miami (about an hour drive) to spend the day with her. Miami has many great restaurants, and we enjoyed visiting them!

The best vegan pizza I ever had!

As a college mom, prayer for my daughter was always of utmost importance. I knew that she was now a young adult who had to start making her own decisions and experience life for herself. That’s never an easy transition for a parent, and it’s prayer that helps us through. We have to trust God that the lessons we taught them will resonate. We have to trust that He has a good plan for their lives.

Photo by: Nguyễn Lâm

College students need our prayers. College is a tough time for a young adult. Many of them are out on their own for the first time. Not only do they have a whole lot of school work, but they also have peer pressure, pressure from society to follow a certain path, big decisions to make about their futures, and many other trials they are trying to work through. They need our support. So please join me in praying for our young adult college students. Thank you for your prayers!

Colossians 4:2 ESV, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.”

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Author: Dawn

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43 thoughts on “Florida Memories: Keep Praying For Our College Students”

  1. Good reminder to pray for all those young students to have wisdom, discernment and all that they need as they carve out their path in life.
    Although my son has still time to go to college, you reminded of the importance of prayer as a mum.
    Blessings 😊💙

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    1. Thanks Manu! They definitely need the prayers. Your son will be college bound before you know it. The years seem to fly by so quickly. Her high school graduation came before I knew it. 🤗

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  2. Great memories but also sad with that young man dying. You gave a very good tip about praying for our college bound children. We need to cover our children with prayer from womb to glory! I loved reading your memories, very touching.

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    1. Thanks Georgetta! Yes his death was very sad. Sometimes they are dealing with things us as parents aren’t even aware of, so prayer is important. ❤️


  3. Thank you so much Dawn. My eldest currently home again due to dorm closures. Your happy memories are to be cherished. That poor young man and his parents… I cannot imagine.

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  4. Hi Dawn, I am praying for college students, and for faith and hope for the graduating seniors, with jobs being scarce. I daily pray God’s full armor of protection on my grown children and family. Prayer is a wonderful blessing!🌺🌷

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    1. Thanks Jenny for joining in prayer. I’m glad your college years were full of fond memories and that your mom was by your side every step of the way. I was happy to be able to be with my daughter too. Blessings! ❤️

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  5. I can’t believe a year came and left so quickly! Wow! So thankful you were able to be with baby girl during her university tenure.

    These are really wonderful reminders, big sis. I especially love this reminder as a single mom: “We have to trust God that the lessons we taught them will resonate. We have to trust that He has a good plan for their lives.”

    My heart also goes out to the parents who got that call 🙏🏽

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    1. Yes time really flies!! You’re welcome little sister. I’m so thankful for all your prayers and support. 🥰 There were several tragedies during her time there. Unimaginable pain for the parents.


    1. Lol! Glad you can identify. 😁 Congratulations to your daughter! 🎉 🎉You’re welcome! I’m sure the Lord has great things ahead for both of your daughters.

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  6. The school is so big and beautiful!! You’re so right about prayer for our children and their schools. My children are still preschoolers. But I pray for them and also pray for their school sealing it in the blood of Jesus.

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    1. It is a beautiful campus! That’s wonderful that you are covering your children in prayer and their school. I know the Lord will continue to bless and keep them on their journey.

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  7. Wow. It’s a year already. Time indeed flies. Glad you were able to enjoy those times with her.
    I pray for every student, that they will set their gaze on God and find their identity only in Him. It’s true, there are pressures from friends and even with the big question “what’s next after school?”. Phew.

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    1. That’s true! Many people apply pressure wanting them to make the next move. My daughter said that same thing. Thanks for joining in the prayers for them sis. ❤️

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  8. This is so nice, Dawn. I can see that you missed those college days. But it is a joy that she graduated successfully and is now in the working world. This is the prayer and hope that most parents have for their children. We have to keep praying for them and also for the college students. God is is indeed good. Just this weekend I felt a burden to pray for the young people that they can accomplished their dreams.Thank you for reminding us and have a great day.

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  9. Such a well written post. I am myself supposed to graduate this year. I could relate to some of your points very well.I hate the fact that i did not have a proper convocation or anything but now i really pray that next batch does not have to go through the same 🙂
    Following you right away 🙂

    I have also written a blog describing lessons i learnt in my graduation years. Do give it a read.
    And let’s connect over wordpress ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry you didn’t get a proper convocation. I pray also it will be better for the upcoming graduates. I enjoyed your latest blog post. Thanks for the follow, I’m following you too. 🤗❤️


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