Be Slow To Anger

Proverb 14:29 NASB, “He who is slow to anger has great understanding, But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.

Being patient will take us much farther than having an angry attitude. Although we may at times be justified in our being angry, we still have a responsibility as Christians who follow Jesus, to make sure we are not allowing anger to control us. In Ephesians 4:26, we are reminded not to sin while we are angry.

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While living in South Florida, I realized that driving in heavy traffic, was one way that you can see how angry people are. The honking of the horns, cutting people off, or even seeing people speed up, instead of slowing down and letting someone get in front of them. I’ve seen arguments at stop lights, and episodes of road rage that resulted because of the argument. These actions show the anger and aggression that people have. This day in time, people are much more stressed out, which usually means zero tolerance when they feel they have been violated in some little way.

God calls His children to be understanding, (even while driving 😊). We can rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us and empower us to be calm, even when confronted with issues that cause anger. Doing this will help show His loving nature to the world. There is usually someone or something waiting to irk us, but giving our angry feelings to the Lord in prayer and remembering the endless mercy He shows us will help us to extend mercy to others.

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38 thoughts on “Be Slow To Anger”

  1. We are definitely called to walk in ways opposite of what the world does. I love the fact that when we clothe ourselves in the Armor, our feet are covered with peace. When we clothe ourselves in His love, fear has no place… As we trust and rely on God, we can walk (think, be) like Him, and bring light to the darkness. I pray and sing to the Lord as I drive, for I need Him to set the tone. Good word Dawn! ♥

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  2. Amen. I like that you said that by remembering the mercy of God to us we can also extends mercy. Unfortunately, many of these angry people are self centered and have no regards for the Lord. May the Lord help is to be patient with each other. Thank you for this timely word.

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  3. I have gotten so much better with anger, I have been asking God to mellow me out…and these past few years things don’t rile me up like they used to, praise Him. But still a work in progress…

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  4. I’ve been reflecting a lot about anger lately. I have come to the conclusion that it is the response we have when we are scared or helpless and it gives us an illusion of control. But that is what it is, an illusion! For most of our anger is the exact opposite of what we hope to gain… it is a lack of control!

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  5. So true sis. There are so many things that can invoke us getting angry but its a choice by His help that we need to make. So that we won’t be deprived of joy. Cos focusing so much on the not to good deprive us of truly living!.

    And can so relate to the driving moments. I have been in cars and cabs where the driver yells out, curses, haul insults etc. 😕

    So many angry men and women. May God help us!

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  6. I know when I’ve been quick to react in anger, it never goes well. There is power in being slow to anger and being slow to speak. It transforms relationships and allows us to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us before we react.

    Thanks for this reminder Dawn!

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