How’s the Wait?

Psalm 27:14 NLT, “Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.”

How are you when it comes to waiting? Nowadays, not waiting seems to be promoted more than waiting. I like how this verse relates waiting with being brave and courageous. It does take courage to faithfully wait and trust God, even when nothing seems to change about our circumstances.

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Some of us have been waiting for years to have certain prayers answered and do not understand God’s timing. However, as we keep persisting in prayer, and choose to patiently wait for God, we can see how He continually renews our strength as He promised to in Isaiah 40:31.

Times of waiting help us to grow in our faith. As we wait, we can examine our souls and pay attention to what changes God is making in us. We can ask ourselves what He is teaching us. God will give us what we need for the path of waiting that we must walk.

Author: Dawn

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27 thoughts on “How’s the Wait?”

  1. Waiting is so difficult, in our culture especially. Having so much at our fingertips has made the world more impatient. But waiting in the Lord’s presence can be such a sweet time. And as you said, we can grow in our walk. It might be uncomfortable for a time, but looking back we will see how our loving God was with us. 🥰

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    1. Sounds like a great devotional. Lack of patience does cause worry. I guess because we can’t see the solution right away, but patience and waiting are often necessary. Thanks David, blessings!

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  2. Waiting is never easy. But there is blessings when we wait on the Lord, we grow spiritually, we exercise obedience to His will and timing and there is surrender and trust involved. I must say that even though I know all of this I falter to wait patiently at times. It takes prayer and intentionality.
    Thank you Dawn 😊

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    1. You made a great point mentioning surrender. Surrender is key. When we finally surrender we can rest in God and trust Him. But yes, it is easy to falter. Then we have to give it to him once again, probably multiple times lol. Thanks Manu.

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  3. Why do we humans have such a hard time with waiting? I know I do! And so I think that God uses our impatience as a tool to teach us trust in Him as He often makes us wait for answers to prayer. But like you say, Dawn, our faith grows and we learn so many important lessons during those times of waiting. How important it is to not waste our waiting time in grumbling but instead to use it for growing. Blessings, Dawn!

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    1. Thanks Chris. I always think it takes courage to not run ahead of God and try to make things happen in our own strength. It’s those times where we have to wait for Him to move in a situation and not fear the unknown.


  4. I have honestly lately been getting very impatient. Gods been really growing my relationship through my prayer time with him. Pray without ceasing he says. And he does answer. I’ve been waiting over 20 years for a few prayer answers. Not easy to wait. But I guess I’m getting used to the wait too in an odd way?

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  5. 20 years is a long time! But God is faithful. He hasn’t forgotten your needs. I am glad He is growing you through the prayer process. Wonderful things happen during times of prayer. God bless you!

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