Keep Choosing Jesus

Everyday we are faced with choices. We choose what to eat, what to think, what to say, what to wear, the list can go on. Then at times, there are even bigger choices, like where should I live or work? When should I retire? Choices that seem like no big deal to some people can be life changing for others. But no matter how small or how big, the choices we make will have some type of impact.

Photo by: Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas of Spain 🇪🇸

We as Christians must remember that our choices must be guided by the truth of God’s Word. We need godly wisdom so that we make choices that will glorify Jesus. It can be tempting to do what’s easy or most comfortable, but we have to keep choosing Jesus in all we say and do. He will empower us. When we are unsure or feel confused, He is only a prayer away. He will show us the way if we ask; then we must obey His instructions.

Photo by: James Wheeler of Canada 🇨🇦

Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

44 thoughts on “Keep Choosing Jesus”

  1. So true that it can be tempting to do what is easy but our choices need to be guided by God’s truth – just yesterday was talking to this with a friend. It can be hard but knowing that the easier way is not going to be the right thing to do in Gods eyes and it is manufacturing our own end for that situation rather than being from God.
    Thank you Dawn 😊🌺

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  2. And sometimes the way that God will have us go might not make sense to the world’s eyes. I am so thankful we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. We must walk each day with discernment as we listen to Him. Thank you for this encouraging reminder, Dawn.

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  3. Even though it may be an unpopular choice, we have to listen to God’s direction. Using the Word as our base and the Holy Spirit as our guide, we can follow God’s path for us. This is a very timely post for me. Thanks, Dawn.💗💐🌺

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  4. It’s not always easy to do, but the best choice is often to let God choose. I can think of at least one time when this has saved me a lot of trouble and heart-ache. Great post, Dawn. You got me to stop and think about my choices in the Lord. Blessings!

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