The Favorite Christmas Memory Tag

Thank you big brother Matt at Jesusluvsall for tagging me. I pray that our Savior’s peace, love, and joy will surround you and those reading this post during this Christmas season. 🎄❤️

Photo by: Irina Iriser

My favorite Christmas memories happened during childhood. I remember getting the JC Penney catalog (which was popular back then), and going to the toy section to make my Christmas wish list. It was exciting to open up Christmas gifts. My mom always let us open one gift on Christmas Eve. Two of my favorite gifts, were the Barbie dream kitchen and the Barbie corvette.

In later years, I enjoyed seeing the same excitement in my daughter, when she was little, that I saw in myself as a child. I also remember some years ago, participating in an event at my church called “The Living Christmas Story”. It was an outdoor drive thru event, with live scenes depicting the life of Jesus. I believe the first station started with Mary finding out from the angel she was pregnant. Then it progressed to scenes depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus. The final station had ministers and elders who were ready to answer questions, and pray for those in need. I wasn’t one of the actors in the event, but I was on the prayer team inside the church chapel. We prayed throughout the event for things to go smoothly and for souls to be saved as the gospel message was brought forth. I also helped make cookies. Every visitor that drove through was given hot cocoa and cookies. It was an exciting time for our church. Hopefully many seeds were planted, as people saw the story of Jesus Christ.

The joy of Christmas for me now is remembering that it represents our Savior’s birth, His love and sacrifice for humankind.

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Author: Dawn

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33 thoughts on “The Favorite Christmas Memory Tag”

  1. What a beautiful Christmas story and I love how your church did those scenes, so important to the Christmas story and often not told. What a joy to be such an important part of that blessing by being on a prayer team. Sending you thanks, love, hugs, and blessings for a joyful and graced Christmas celebrating the birthday of Baby Jesus, the Savior of the world. Love ❤️ Joni

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  2. PTL! Congrats on your My Favorite Christmas Memory Tag, Dawn! 🙂
    Christmas is always so awesome with children!
    It truly helps us to see it in the eyes of wonder! ❤
    Thank you for thinking of me! May the Lord bless you Christmas so richly, my friend!
    Me and God love you! Have a holly jolly Christmas!

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  3. Dawn, thanks for sharing your special Christmas memory. Growing up, my family filled the roles of Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds one Christmas Eve at our church. My sister (less than a year old) played baby Jesus, with no crying he makes.

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    1. You’re welcome. Awww that’s a great memory. Sounds like it was fun for your family. That’s so cool your little sister was baby Jesus. Thanks for sharing! 🤗🎄


  4. Sorry for the late reply but I just seen you tagged my husband and I a while back. My device has been messing up but I thank you for tagging us and we will get to it God bless and How’s everything going?

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