Blessed As You Trust

Jeremiah 17:7-8 NIV, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”

Trusting in the Lord will keep us fruitful. Our lives will produce good things that bring Him glory. We don’t have to fear ruin or be consumed with worry. We are blessed when we place our confidence in Him. Allowing Jesus to be our foundation, keeps our hearts secure. I recently read this quote by Deborah Smith Pegues…

“There is a calm assurance, a noticeable sense of peace that emanates from those whose trust is in the Lord.”

Trusting in God is not only for us, but it’s also for those around us. It shows others how magnificent our God is. It’s a testimony to His faithfulness in our lives. Being able to flourish, even in the midst of difficult circumstances, because we trust God, draws others to Christ.

In Christ, we can abandon all of our fears, and trust Him as we wait in faith for the good things He has promised us. When we stay committed to Him, continue to serve Him, and acknowledge Him in all of our ways, He will direct our paths. He surrounds us with His love and favor each day. We are blessed when our trust is in the Lord.

Photo by: Philip Ackermann

Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

45 thoughts on “Blessed As You Trust”

  1. Jeremiah 17: 7-8 is a favorite of mine. We are so blessed when we put our trust in the Lord! Reading about drawing others to Christ started the song “They will know we are Christians by Our Love” singing in my mind.

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  2. Amen Dawn, amen. Trust is like being behind a very tall and thick wall where you know you are safe and no enemy can penetrate. It can be, and is, very comforting and peaceful when we dwell in trust in our Beloved.

    Blessings to you our dear sister.
    Homer and Wanda

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    1. I like that analogy! The Lord does have a wall of protection around us. I can picture it in my mind. That is a comforting thought. Blessings to you Homer and Wanda!


  3. Thanks for your text. This excerpt from the prophet Jeremiah always reminds me of the verses from Psalm 1: “´Happy to praise` is whoever desires the Lord’s law and thinks about it day and night. It is like a tree planted between watercourses: at harvest time it bears fruit and its leaves do not wither. What such a person does succeeds. ”
    And the photo is really great. And I was touched that you write about the two verses from Jeremiah. I read these two verses a few hours ago. This is my sermon text at the beginning of January when I will be preaching in another church as part of the Evangelical Alliance Prayer Week. Greetings from Hendrik

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      1. I studied theology years ago and then worked as a pastor for 5 years and then as a pastoral worker in another church. Now I live in a community. We are about 50 people who share their lives with each other and have a common company to make a living. (And I still like to preach, even if I no longer work as a pastor.) Be blessed in Jesus my dear Dawn. I wish you a great Christmas. Jesus is born for you.

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      2. I like to believe you. I saw my daughter briefly at Christmas. And then she told me that she can’t come for my big birthday in 2020. She probably has the opportunity to do a project in Bolivia with lecturers from her university during the semester break. I’m the last one to hold you back on such a chance. But it’s a shame if you understand it.

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      3. Oh that’s too bad she can’t make it for your birthday but I know you’re proud of the work she’s doing. I understand how you feel, this is my first holiday season without my daughter.

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      4. Oh that’s too bad she can’t make it for your birthday but I know you’re proud of the work she’s doing. I understand how you feel, this is my first holiday season without my daughter.

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  4. Yes big sis. Really missed reading your posts. I was offline for a long while. And I mistaken unsubscribed. Noticed while checking my piled up email. 😪

    He is our hold and He is just glued to us – we can trust that He is ever present.

    And yes, other lives sees Him through us.

    Merry Christmas in advance sis.

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  5. Trusting the Lord and following him over the years can lead us to places in life we never dreamed possible. When I see people I knew a long time ago and tell them what I am doing now, the typical response is- “What happened to you?” as they express their surprise.

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    1. I am often surprised myself at the changess in my life over the last couple of years.

      1) I started blogging
      2) I am a chaplain at the county jail
      3) I drive a preschool school bus.

      I never imagined myself doing any of these things but God did.

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  6. Amen. There is always peace when we trust in the Lord. Confusion and anxiety are from the devil. Thank you, Dawn for this inspiring word that calms my spirit. How is preparation coming on for Christmas?

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