Store Up Treasures In Heaven

Matthew 6:20 NIV, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

Yesterday I was driving home from the store, and as I was driving, I started thinking about all I hadn’t yet done, and all I didn’t yet have. In those few moments, I managed to convince myself that I should be further along in life by now. I mentally started compiling a list of things I wish I had. Of course more money was at the top of my list. I reasoned that if I had more money, I could do more things, have more things, and be more successful. There is a pretty high standard in society today to achieve more. More money. More houses. More degrees. More status. More vacations. More of this! More of that! More, more, more! Then all of sudden, in the midst of it all, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Store up treasures in heaven.” Immediately the discouraging thoughts came to a halt and there was a sense of relief. I felt at peace.

I’m thankful that in my moments of self pity, God reminded me of my true purpose in Jesus Christ, and the reality that Earth is not my final home. As Christians, our greatest rewards and our greatest fulfillment await us in heaven. It’s a blessing when we are successful, but nothing we ever achieve in this world will be greater than the ecstasy of eternity with Jesus. The most important legacy we can ever leave behind, is one that points others to Him.

Photo by: Sindre Strøm

Sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ with a dying world, through our words and actions will bring life. I pray that as Christians, we will never be blinded by the temporary pleasures of this world. Instead may we find joy in storing up treasures in heaven. When our hearts are in tune with the Spirit of God, we are able to stay focused on what matters most. I’m thankful for the assurance He gives us during times of doubt. He assures us that, the “more” we are looking for is found in Him…

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matthew 6:33 NLT).

God does want us to be successful and enjoy life, but above all else we are to seek Him. He will guide our steps and put us in position to receive the right opportunities. Keep storing up treasures in heaven, and trust God to bring the “more” you truly need as you continue to serve Him.

Photo by: Min An

Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

36 thoughts on “Store Up Treasures In Heaven”

  1. Amen! There is much false teaching in the name of Christ these days that changes the true gospel into a gospel of prosperity. What a welcome word of truth your post provides!

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  2. Yup. This year I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of gift exchanges we were expected to participate in. As I was complaining about this to Father, he simply spoke to my heart saying: “You have everything you need.”

    Those words have echoed in my head again and again this season. I look around: Baking ingredients for teacher gifts. Little boxes of candies for kid grab gifts, right in my house. A brand new tea set in the kitchen cupboard, waiting to be gifted. A fresh, unused journal in the office. A brand new devotional book in the my shelf. There are little “gifts” all around me. I don’t need a thing 💗

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    1. The gift exchanges can be overwhelming. The dollar’s add up. But that’s amazing how He spoke to you and opened your eyes to see you did have what you needed. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. 💕

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  3. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am always pleased with your good texts. Jesus gives me the added value in my life. Jesus brings color to my life. And whether I am poor or rich doesn’t matter. If I live with Jesus, my life is a win. That may sound a bit striking. But I have experienced it in many ups and downs of my life.
    be blessed by Hendrik

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  4. This is a great testimony. I sometimes find myself wishing that I had more money, but thank God for the Holy Spirit that reminds me to be contented. The treasures on earth are only temporary. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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