The Food Award 2.0

Thank you big brother Matt @ Jesusluvsall Blog for tagging me in this award. I invite you to visit and follow Matt’s blog where he blogs daily and shares about his faith in Jesus, interesting stories from his life, testimonies about his perseverance through chronic illness, and he also shares about his ministry helping and teaching refugees and immigrants.

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Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2.Pingback to the creator, Elisha at

3.Use the same featured image as your nominator.

4.Answer the five questions.

5. Create five questions about food.

6. Nominate five people.

Matt’s Questions to Me

1. What is your favorite snack and do you snack while writing your blog? I love popcorn 🍿, and gummy bears. No I don’t snack while blogging.
2. What is a food you love for celebrating Christmas? For Christmas I don’t really have a favorite food, but I guess I’ll go with the Christmas cookies that always pop up everywhere. 🎄
3. If I lived in your city, could I stop by for dinner anytime? Sure come on by!
4. If I stopped by for dinner, what would we eat? Mexican 🌮 or Italian 🍝 (It’s easy to find gluten free ingredients for these types of foods.)
5. If Jesus came for dinner, what would you cook for him and how would you feel? I would serve some hummus, pita bread, falafel, Tabouleh, and of course some delicious Baklava. 😋 But in reality, if Jesus came to dinner, I don’t think I’d be eating too much because I would feel overwhelmed by His Presence. There would be so much joy and excitement!!

My 5 Nominees if you choose to participate…🤗

A Happy Life

The “F” Word

View From The Back

Blessings By Me

Believing Beautiful

My Questions to my nominees…

1. What is one of your favorite foods or recipes?

2. What would you bring to a pot-luck lunch?

3. What’s is one of your favorite healthy foods?

4. What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten? Did you enjoy it?

5. What is a food that is very popular in your town?

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