Blessed By His Goodness and Mercy

Psalm 23:6 NIV, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

Aren’t you glad that the goodness and mercy of the Lord are following you? If He wasn’t good, and if He wasn’t merciful, no telling where we’d be. It never ceases to amaze me, that God has a new portion of goodness and mercy available to us everyday.

When I think of the flaws I have and the many sins I’ve committed, I’m in awe that He would show me goodness and mercy anyway. His compassion outweighs any failures we have had. He chooses to be good to us and do what is best for us in every circumstance. God’s mercy causes Him to look beyond the surface, and into the depths of our hearts so He can meet our true needs. His goodness and mercy are like a beautiful green tree that will never die.

Photo by: Skitterphoto

May we choose to dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever, surrounded by His goodness and mercy, and fulfilled by His joy and love.

Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

62 thoughts on “Blessed By His Goodness and Mercy”

    1. That’s a great prayer request. Often times there is so much more at work than we see so asking for God’s vision and wisdom are vital. God bless you Heather!! Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Love this – “God’s mercy causes Him to look beyond the surface, and into the depths of our hearts so He can meet our true needs.”
    It is so wonderful to know that the Lord loves us so much and even with all our failings He continues to love us, be faithful and never forsake us.

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  2. Congratulations Dawn, didn’t realize you are an author. Will checkout your ebooks. I have a question, do you know if it is possible to have your domain name changed? I chose the name fo my Blog before I truly knew what to name it. Let me know.

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    1. Hello Georgetta,
      Yes, it’s possible to change your domain name. We did that for our page which I started out as a blog page and then changed into a website with a blog integrated. It takes a few steps but it’s quite easy with the help from WordPress. All the best, blessings, Elfriede

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    2. Thanks Georgetta! I would think you can change it if the new name is available, but I’m not sure if you have to wait until the yearly renewal comes up. You can contact customer support and they can tell you for sure. 😊


  3. I am so grateful for his goodness and mercies. I can testify to His goodness and mercies towards me. It is no good that we have done but because of who He is towards us. What a loving savior He is. His mercies can’t be measured.

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      1. Oh looks like you don’t have the option for it to be reblogged set up. I will see if I can maybe share it in a link next week instead.


  4. Goodness and mercy don’t follow us, they hunt us down relentlessly like a bloodhounds hot on a trail. Through valleys of despair and pits of betrayal goodness and mercy are like Holmes and Watson undaunted by any and all circumstance until they have bagged their quarry and duly delivered us into the hands of our living God. We have the RCMP here in Canada and they are famous for always getting their man. Yet even they can’t hold a candle to goodness and mercy who have yet to fail in their mission to hunt down and bless those that want more of Jesus. Yes goodness and mercy are the most intrepid, determined and fiercest of God’s attributes to search us out and make sure we are constantly kept in our Father’s great care. There is no escape!

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  5. I loved the picture! Yes, I am thankful and blessed that I do not have to earn or
    work for His goodness and His mercy that I receive from Him daily!

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  6. There are days when I have to ask Him for forgiveness that I wondered off into my own world again and again. HE FORGIVES! And His promise that I/we will live in His house forever is the greatest assurance ever! His promise is eternal, something we cannot wrap our head around. Praise God for His mercy and grace. Thank you for sharing, Blessings, Elfriede

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  7. We all have areas in our lives we struggle with; areas that we wish we didn’t struggle with. It might be a habit or a failures that have us discouraged.

    The grace of God causes Him not to deal with us according to our sins or retaliate according to our disobedience. God is faithful to us, even when we are unfaithful!

    I am so thankful God responds to my needs without reference to merit. Because, I certainly would be in trouble! You don’t have to earn God’s grace and mercy, you just have to be in a relationship with Him.

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    1. You pointed out a crucial fact here…“The grace of God causes Him not to deal with us according to our sins”…. His grace covers us and allows us to have what we do not deserve. Thanks Kim!

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