March Worship Playlist

Thanks Christina for sharing these songs! It’s so important for us to “Make Room” for Christ in our lives. (I’m also still enjoying music from her February playlist.)

Chasing Clarity

Good morning & happy April, y’all! I’m back with the monthly worship music playlist and as usual, I hope that you can add some of this music to your own playlist or put them back in your rotation if you already know and love them too.

Make Room x Jonathan McReynolds (Live): If I’m honest, I’ve been taking my relationship with God less seriously than I used to, for reasons that’ll probably have to be an entire other blog post. But, as usual for me, music has been one of the biggest catalysts to kick my attention back towards God, giving Him more than the 50% I’m typically comfortable with. This song in particular really convicted me when I first started listening to it heavily this past month, because I knew that I was not prioritizing God as the only #1 in my life. This song is a good reminder…

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