New Day! New Hope!

Hebrews 6:19(NKJV), This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil, 

I was in the restroom getting ready for work one morning when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. It appeared the shower curtain was moving around. My first instinct was it must be a small lizard, since here in Florida it’s not uncommon for those to sneak inside the house from time to time. But upon further observation, I realized that the movement I was seeing was not the curtain itself,  but instead it was the shadows of the tree branches and leaves outside my window dancing upon the shower curtain. I immediately felt relief to know I didn’t have to try to capture a little lizard, but I also felt joy as I watched the shadows of those tree branches and leaves moving to the rhythm of the wind. It was the dawning of a new day.

I know that God does not view time the same way we do, because He is infinite and not confined to the same boundaries that we are. We may at times think He’s late when in actuality He is not. I am surely glad that for us the days are divided into twenty-four hour increments. God knew that we as humans were not capable of handling much more than that. Thankfully with each new day He sends, we have new hope and we have the opportunity to look forward to the fresh new blessings the day will bring.

I felt refreshed and hopeful to see the beautiful display of sunshine and dancing shadows that morning. To me it was a picture of God’s faithfulness to give us little daily reminders of His love. Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can have the biggest impacts. He’s so great at filling our hearts with joy when we least expect it. I like to think those trees were rejoicing in the light of His glory. I hope and pray that you too will rejoice in the Lord and find His love in even the smallest ways as you go throughout your day. I’m believing that you will find joy in the midst of whatever it is you may be going through, and that God will give you the strength to have hope no matter what. Thankfully He assures us in His Word that hope never disappoints (Romans 5:5), so therefore we can confidently place our hopes in His hands and rest in His faithfulness.


Thank you for the joy you give and the simple reminders of your love. Thank you for always being present wherever we are, whatever we are doing. Thank you for allowing us to be able to hope for good things in your Name and trust You for the best outcome.

In the name of Jesus amen.

Some thoughts on Hope, please listen…

Author: Dawn

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