Empty Hands Full Heart

Psalm 103:5 (NLT), “He fills my life with good things…”

Empty Hands Full heart, is a phrase that has been coming to me a lot over the last couple of weeks. What this phrase is referring to are those times in life when your heart is so full of God and His promises, His love and His hope, but especially His hope. You just can’t seem to let go of hope, hope that things will get better, and hope that He has a great future in store for you. But yet in some ways your hands are empty. When I say empty I mean that you haven’t yet grabbed hold of those things you are hoping for in your life, even though you have them all in your heart. Your heart is so full but in reality there are prayers God has not yet answered, dreams you have that have not come true or goals you have that have not yet been reached. You have been diligently doing your part but it just always seems like there is something to get in your way, or someone trying to pull you back. But because your heart is full you keep doing your best to cling to God and His Word and keep walking by faith and not by sight like He tells us to do.

In your mind you may sometimes wonder if it’s worth going on, if it’s worth continuing to trust God, if it’s worth the fight or the effort. But in your heart you don’t want to give up. You want to hold fast to God and to His promises. You want to keep having that hope, and keep having that faith that everything is going to work out even though you don’t understand how. You may be tired or feel discouraged at times, but still you choose to believe with everything in you that things will work out in your favor. Today I am writing this for those whose hearts are full but their hands are empty. In spite of the things you do not understand or do not yet have, don’t give up. Look to God for strength, keep the faith and just believe. Keep believing that God has a miracle in store for you and keep being honest with Him about your feelings. Don’t try and hide your feelings and don’t try and be strong apart from God because our strength comes from Him. If you feel weak then tell Him so and rely on Him to refresh your soul. Every day keep pouring your heart out to Him and receive His love. Let that fullness that is in your heart flow throughout your life and into the lives of those around you. Trust God to fill your emptiness and don’t give up because you have come too far. Believe that He will move in your life and work all things together for good.

Whatever it is you need, rather its healing, rather its financial provision, rather it’s restoration in a relationship,  you just have to keep holding on and believing God to bring about the needed change. Even on your worst days when you may feel guilty or unworthy, that is when you look up and you remember that He loves you more than you could ever know. Look up toward heaven and say, “God thank you for a new day and thank you that you love me, thank you for your grace and your mercy, thank you for your never ending peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you for holding me in your arms, thank you for never leaving me nor forsaking me, thank you for giving me strength to go on and thank you for filling my hands with all that You have for me.”

In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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Author: Dawn

The love of Jesus will never fail you. Thank you for visiting my blog.

2 thoughts on “Empty Hands Full Heart”

  1. You did a beautiful job on this Post! It is so true that we can get bogged down in discouragement when we don’t see the answers we have been looking for, but just like you said, we have to hold on to Him. He loves us so much more than our human minds can comprehend. I am thankful for this post to remind me to keep my head up and keep holding on. He never fails. Be blessed! 😊

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