A Divine Appointment

Thanks Georgetta @ JourneyInHisWord for sharing your testimony of how God gives us “divine appointments”.


Journey In His Word

Photo by: Priscilla duPreez

A friend and I went on a road trip to visit another friend who lives a 100 or so miles away.  Little did we know that this trip, which we planned months ago, was a divine appointment by Father God. We soon found out, this was a trip to minister to our friend needing Father God’s comforting “words of life” spoken to her.

After being on the road for 2-1/2 hours we arrived safely at our destination.  We had just walked through the door of our friend’s home when she received a phone call that would become life-changing.  It was a call from her doctor and the news wasn’t good!  Immediately, after talking with the doctor and hearing the diagnosis and options, tears and fear burst through.  We began comforting her with Father God’s promises of healing and protection.

This was a divine appointment because Father…

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